Flight Training

IG Flight Services offers flight training for both professional and recreational purposes. Our training environment is easy to work with, having far less distractions than that of a larger city, such as competing air traffic.

Our chief flight instructor, Ben Gottshall, has over 20 years of aviation experience with numerous makes and models of aircraft as well as over 13000 hours of flight experience.

The training program can accommodate those with no experience as well as those with some prior experience that wish to learn more. Depending on you ambition level, you may obtain varying degrees of licenses, starting with a Private Pilot license. A career-oriented student will obtain all of the licenses needed to become an instructor on our staff – Commercial with Instrument rating, as well as Flight Instructor certificates.


40 Hours of total flight time required: ($125/hr)
20 Hours of Dual Flight Instruction: ($25/hr)
Private Pilot Jeppessan Kit: ($330/$370)
Estimated Total: $5,850 (Does not include practical test or written exam -estimated at $550)

Contact Chief Flight Instructor Ben Gottshall at bgottshall@fly-ig.com or (855) 453-8227 with any inquiries.